Black Bean Bowl with Raw Kraut and Salted Yogurt

Black Bean Bowl with Raw Kraut and Salted Yogurt
Black Bean Bowl with Raw Kraut and Salted Yogurt

This dinner bowl was created completely by accident.  We just moved into our house and most of the kitchen boxes have not been unpacked.  I don’t know how many of you have moved several times in your life, but I am not a fan!  I really hope this is our last one for a while.  But, I am certain my hubby will get bored in the next few years and take us on another ride.  Deep down, I really love it.  Well, maybe not the packing and unpacking, but seeing it all come together, I do enjoy.  As for dinner, I managed to find my Dutch oven, and then went into the mountain of paper bags lining my pantry to find a bag of dried black beans and basmati rice.  Because we eat vegetarian most of the time, beans are a staple at our house.  Fortunately, everyone in my family enjoys them.

For this bowl, I layered everything together for the perfect presentation.  The layering is what makes a food bowl truly special.  The addition of raw kraut is fantastic, even though it may sound a bit odd.  Raw kraut is very beneficial for gut health.  During the fermentation process, natural probiotics are created making kraut a superb food for healthy digestion.  I add kraut to my diet several times per week, if not everyday.  It makes a great topping for soups, salads or even a side dish to a sandwich.  The other topping to this bowl that may raise questions is salted yogurt.  I use Greek yogurt to replace anything that calls for sour cream.  Adding a bit of sea salt and olive oil to plain Greek yogurt gives it a hearty and bold flavor.  I hope you enjoy this yummy dish.


Black Bean Bowl with Salted Yogurt and Raw Kraut

cooked black beans – soak beans overnight and  slow cook them with garlic, onion and turmeric

basmati rice – you can use brown or white

green leaf lettuce – chopped

1 1/2 avocados – smashed and blended with sea salt and ground garlic

raw kraut – I use Farmhouse Culture

salted yogurt – 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt mixed with 1/4 teaspoon fine ground sea salt and 2 teaspoons olive oil


grated goat gouda cheese

Layer your bowl in whatever order you desire.