10 Non-Candy Halloween Treats


10 Non-Candy Halloween Treats
10 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Halloween is one week away.  I am certain most of you are scrambling to find a costume, purchasing goodies to pass out, and attending dress-up parties.  Oh wait, that’s me.  I must admit we do not have our costumes purchased yet and I am hopeful it will happen this weekend.  We are actually traveling to North Carolina for Halloween so that our kids can trick-or-treat with their cousins.  That brings the dreaded question…Will I allow my children to eat trick-or-treat candy?  The answer is yes.  I allow my kids to choose 2 pieces of candy from their bags to enjoy.  The remainder is given away.  I am certain some of you are thinking “2 pieces, are you kidding me?”, but this system seems to work with my kids, so I am good with it.  But, what they enjoy more are the non-candy treats.  Those that are toy or fruit based.  With the increase in health awareness, many people are trading in their candy treats for less traditional non-candy treats.  Here are a few of the approved items on our list.  Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

10 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

1.  halloween pencils

2.  halloween erasers

3.  toy spiders

4.  halloween tattoos

5.  finger puppets

6.  halloween Stickers

7.  glow sticks

8.  toy bat rings

9.  whoopi cushion

10.  homemade mandarin orange jack-o-lantern – peel the orange and stick a small piece of celery in the top.