Healing Mineral Broth

Healing Mineral Broth
Healing Mineral Broth

I make this healing broth all year round, but this batch is on a targeted mission.  My family has a very special friend who has taken on, not at her choosing, the fight of her life.  She was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago with pancreatic cancer and given only a few weeks to live.  Even though this sort of diagnosis is devastating, she is a true fighter.  I have had the privilege of spending time with her the past few weeks and her faith and resolve truly astound me.  She is also very open to alternative methods for helping fight this beast.  One of these alternative methods is food.  Not just any food, but true healing foods.  Foods that were created to benefit and protect our bodies. Foods that were created to be used as medicine. This is where I have had the pleasure of helping this sweet family.  We have been bombarding them with information, fresh juices and now this mighty broth.

Most of us are deplete of the vital minerals needed to keep our bodies running healthy and efficient.  The human body uses these minerals for many things such as bone and blood cell health.  If an essential mineral is lacking, the body will not be able to work at its best.  With the standard American diet chock full of preservatives, GMO’s, artificial everything, high levels of processing and environmental toxins; it’s no wonder we are sicker than ever.  I very respectfully say all these things as I know how hard change can be.  I made the decision to try to limit, if not remove, most of these things from my life about 10 years ago.  It was not an easy task, but one that I am so grateful I did.  From that one decision came health, energy, vitality and most importantly, the ability to help others.  This recipe is loaded with the vital nutrients needed to sustain our bodies at a very healthy level.  I would recommend making a batch of this broth every few weeks and either use it to prepare soups or just drink it from a mug.  I use it to replace store bought broths that are often loaded with sodium.  I hope you prepare this yummy broth for your family and then pass the recipe along to someone you love.  Often times when a loved one is sick, you are at a loss for what you can do to help.  Make this recipe for them and share all the added benefits.  Sometimes a little bit of information and a gesture of love can encourage someone to continue the good fight.  Enjoy!!


Healing Mineral Broth – Adapted from www.rebeccakatz.com


6 unpeeled carrots – cut into thirds


2 unpeeled yellow onions – cut into chunks


2 leeks, white and green parts – cut into thirds


1 bunch celery – cut into thirds


4 unpeeled potatoes – 2 red and 2 purple


2 unpeeled sweet potatoes – quartered


5 unpeeled cloves of garlic


1/2 bunch fresh flat-leaf parsley


1 8-inch strip kombu


12 black peppercorns


1 TBSP ground allspice


2 bay leaves


1 tsp celtic sea salt


filtered water


Rinse all the vegetables really well, including the kombu.  In a large stockpot, add all the vegetables except the salt.  Add filtered water leaving about 2 inches from the rim.  Cover and bring to a boil.  Decrease the heat to low.  Simmer uncovered for 2-3 hours.  Strain the broth through a large sieve.  Add salt and stir.  Leftovers can be refrigerated or frozen after coming to room temperature.