Superfood Almond Joy

Superfood Almond Joy

Wow!  I have not posted in a few weeks.  I have had the privilege of teaching a healthy cooking class to a wonderful group of women, and that has taken up a majority of my time.  That, and chasing around two small children.  I hope, in the meantime, you all have been experimenting, testing and cooking an assortment of clean foods.

This recipe was birthed from my once again need for chocolate.  Almond Joy has not always been one of my favorites in that I didn’t love coconut as a child.  But, as my clean eating lifestyle has taken hold, it has become one of my very favorite things.  I use coconut in most all of my dishes in the form of oil, water, butter or unsweetened and raw.  It is an extremely versatile addition and makes all things taste a little better.  There are a few undeniable health benefits that I must convey to you.  Many schools of thought are that fats are bad for us.  But, studies have shown over and over that certain fats are actually beneficial to keeping our bodies running properly.  Coconut falls into this category of healthy fats.  It has been shown to be heart healthy and can help our bodies resist viruses and bacteria that can cause illness.  It also assists in fighting off yeast, fungus and candida.  So, when thinking about making a yummy treat for your family, always think about adding coconut to the mix.  Enjoy!


Superfood Almond Joy

1 cup unsweetened raw coconut

1/4 cup raw local honey

1 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

4 tsp coconut oil

3 tsp raw cacao

raw almonds

In a small bowl combine coconut and honey. Mix until well combined.  In a small muffin tin or individual small muffin cups, add a dollop of the coconut and honey mixture.  Place a raw almond in the middle of the mixture.  Refrigerate so the mixture can harden a bit.  Meanwhile in a double boiler, add the dark chocolate chips and coconut oil. Melt together.  Remove from heat and add the raw cacao and stir until well combined.  Once the coconut cups have hardened, drizzle the chocolate mixture over top of each cup.  Place almond joys in the refrigerator to let the chocolate harden, about 30 minutes.  These little gems are best kept in the fridge.