Healthy Wild Caught Salmon Cakes

Healthy Salmon Cake

Salmon is one of those foods that I feel everyone should have in their diet.  Often times I hear people tell me they shy away from salmon because they are unsure how to prepare it.  This recipe is quick, easy and is sure to be approved by your whole family.  The key to making these little cakes is to make enough so that you have leftovers.  They are wonderful for breakfast with a side of quinoa or sauteed spinach and certainly make a clean healthy lunch atop a bed of mixed greens.

The health benefits of salmon are endless and most of you are familiar with the highly touted Omega-3’s.  Salmon has become very popular over the last few years as many studies have proven it to be an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  With the standard western diet, most people lack adequate amounts of Omega 3, so salmon is a great way to get these beneficial fatty acids.  Many other prominent health benefits of salmon, though, have been highly overlooked.  In a 4 oz serving of wild caught salmon, the % daily value of Vitamin D is 264%, Vitamin B12 109% and protein 61% based on  As you can see, there are many reasons to include healthy salmon into your weekly food planning.  I recommend purchasing wild-caught Alaskan pink salmon.  You can choose whether you prefer “boneless/skinless” or “with bones/skin”.  If you choose bones and skin, it is edible and actually increases the health benefits.  Enjoy!


Healthy Wild Caught Salmon Cakes

1/2 cup ground oatmeal

3 cans wild-caught salmon

1 1/2 TBSP fresh parsley

1 tsp herbamare

1 tsp pepper

1 TBSP garlic powder

1 TBSP dijon mustard

2 cage-free eggs

coconut oil

In a large bowl combine all ingredients except the coconut oil and stir until well incorporated.  In a large skillet, turn heat to medium high and place enough melted coconut oil to coat the entire bottom of the skillet.  If you do not have enough oil the cakes will stick.  Make a palm size ball with the salmon mixture and pat it into a round cake.  Place the cake into the well heated pan and continue forming cakes until the pan is full, but do not overcrowd.  Cook each cake on one side for about 3-4 minutes before flipping over.  Continue this process until all the mixture is used.