Soaked Oatmeal

Soaked Oatmeal

I have just discovered all the nutritional benefits of soaking my grains, nuts and seeds prior to eating them.  As I continued reading articles on this topic, I finally decided to see what it was all about.  So, for the past few weeks I have been soaking our oats and nuts.  I am still in the process of testing legumes, so that will be a later post.  For now, I can truly say that the soaked oatmeal is super yummy and I look forward to it as my breakfast most mornings.  I add a bit of fresh fruit or compote, a drizzle of local honey, additional almond milk and I have a protein packed, powerhouse breakfast.  Here’s how it works: grains, nuts and seeds all contain phytates and enzyme inhibitors, which detract from the nutritional value.  When soaked, these anti-nutrients are neutralized, often times even eliminated, and the grains become more easily digested and the nutrient retention greatly increases.

An excerpt from an article written for states it like this:  “Soaking allows enzymes, lactobacilli and other helpful organisms to break down and neutralize a large portion of phytic acid in grains. Soaking in warm water also neutralizes enzyme inhibitors, present in all seeds, and encourages the production of numerous beneficial enzymes. The action of these enzymes also increases the amount of many vitamins, especially B vitamins. During the process of soaking and fermenting, gluten and other difficult-to-digest proteins are partially broken down into simpler components that are more readily available for absorption.”  Phew…great information!

So, begin your journey to better health today…. Start soaking your grains, nuts and seeds.  When you try this process for you or your family, I would love to hear how it turns out.  Leave me a comment and we can continue to research this together.  Enjoy!


Soaked Oatmeal

1 1/2 cups whole grain rolled oats – not instant or quick cook

1 1/4 cup almond milk

1 tsp lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, cover and place in refrigerator atleast 7 hours, preferably overnight.


After soaking, place 1/2 cup of oatmeal in a bowl.  Add 1 TBSP raw unsweetened coconut, 1 TBSP each of raw walnuts, almonds and cashews,  1/2 TBSP raw local honey or pure maple syrup and 1 cup almond milk.  Add fresh fruit or compote and combine all ingredients together.