Healthy Yogurt Parfait

Healthy Yogurt Parfait

We eat so many yogurt parfaits in a week, I think my kids are going to turn into one!  This is a super healthy breakfast or afternoon snack, and the choice of Greek yogurt really increases the amount of protein in each serving.  I, at times, have made my own yogurt, but with the amount eaten in this household, I could not keep up.  So, I purchase the very creamy and yummy Fage plain yogurt.  If you are not familiar with this product, please check out their website at  I particularly love this yogurt because it is packed with great protein.  It contains up to 23 grams of protein in a single serving.  What better way to get your kids started in the morning or continuing throughout the busy summer days.  In addition to the Fage yogurt, I use KIND granola as it has clean ingredients and is not very sweet.  Yogurt parfaits can become unhealthy very quickly with the addition of sugar-laden products, so just read your labels and check the ingredients carefully.  I keep fresh fruit on hand, so whatever you have, add it to your parfait.  I am not going to get specific with measurements in this recipe, as it will vary from person-to-person.  I will share the ingredients list and ask that you get to your local grocer as fast as possible.  Once you try one of these, you will be hooked as much as we are.  Be happy, clean and healthy!


Healthy Yogurt Parfait

fage plain greek yogurt

homemade compote – I posted the recipe for this on May 1, 2013 – optional

fresh fruit

KIND granola – choose one with 6 grams of sugar or less per serving

raw local honey – optional

In a bowl or glass;  layer yogurt, compote, fruit and granola.  If you wish, drizzle with a bit of honey.  Eat up!