Poached Eggs & Sauteed Spinach

Poached Eggs and Sauteed Spinach

We have the wonderful pleasure of being able to purchase our eggs from our neighbors who raise their own chickens.  I know this is not a possibility for many of you, but I do recommend purchasing the highest quality eggs within your family budget.  Quality eggs truly taste better and provide more nutrition than those which are inferior.  Many companies today provide a high quality egg that can be purchased at your local grocer.  I certainly recommend free-range.  Chickens that are kept in very tight quarters and are unable to move and walk around tend to produce eggs that have a higher amount of cholesterol and many of them have been given antibiotics to keep disease from spreading among the coop.  With all that said, quality eggs are the “perfect protein”.  I eat eggs pretty much everyday as they provide me with a good source of protein at around 6 grams per egg.  They also have very high levels of choline which is beneficial for brain health.  This is a very flexible meal as it works for breakfast, brunch or dinner.

I use these handy little poach pods to poach eggs.  You can purchase them at most kitchen stores.  They truly produce a perfect egg.  If you do not have some type of poacher, don’t worry, you can still poach the old fashioned way with simmering water.


Poached Eggs & Sauteed Spinach

2 poached eggs – I usually poach for about 7-8 minutes

2 cups fresh spinach

1 TBSP coconut oil

herbamare and pepper to taste

grated pecorino cheese

Prepare your eggs.  If poaching is not your thing, then just prepare the eggs in the manner in which you like.  In a small saute pan add the coconut oil and turn the heat to medium.  Place the fresh spinach into the prepared pan and saute for about 2 minutes.  Don’t overcook the spinach as it will lose it’s vital nutrients and become bitter.  Add grated cheese along with herbamare and pepper to the spinach.  Place eggs atop the sauteed spinach and enjoy.